68 Classifieds Modifications

Google Calendar Module

Allows 68C site admins to allow users to place Google Calendars inline with their ads.   More Details

Scam Filter

Our most popular mod, the Scam Filter integrates with your registration form as well as listing contact (reply) requests and verifies certain parameters (admin-defined keywords, IP, location, country, etc) to prevent scams from being perpetrated via your 68C classified site. Prevent scammers or com   More Details

  • Type: Modules
  • License: Commercial
  • Works With: v3.1.x, v4.0.x, v4.1.x
  • More Info

Feedback Module

This mod will contact your customers who delete active listings, asking them to provide valuable feedback about their experience with your site as well as testimonial material. We chose to invoke the contact upon deletion of active listings with the assumption that satisfied customers would be the most common "deleters" of active listings, most likely because they found a buyer for their item.   More Details

Similar Listings

This module integrates with the listing view to display a configurable number of similar listings based on the category of the listing currently being viewed. The number of items shown (both a minimum and a maximum) is configurable via your 68C AdminCP. It also displays their thumbnails.   More Details