68 Classifieds Professionals

Automated Thinking

Because we own and manage busy classified sites ourselves, our development focus is already geared toward the mindset of a classified site owner. We are obsessed with ease-of-use and an "It Should Just Work" mentality, and our 68Classifieds modules are created with that mindset. Each of our modules are born out of a need that arose from our own sites, so we aren't just module authors - we use our modules too!   More Details

Professional Design & Functionality

Design - Customization - Templates - Modules & More   More Details

Custom 68C coding

Custom 68 Classifieds coding. Modules, tweaks and customization.   More Details


Specializing in custom layout and design of the 68 Classifieds Software Script. Offers pre-made templates and full customization to allow you to have a unique classified ads presence on the web.   More Details

Hosting-AU Pty Ltd

Hosting-AU is a one-stop-shop for developing and designing 68 Classifieds websites. If you have an upcoming project, or need help finishing an existing site, drop us a line.   More Details