How do I get support for items found on this site?

Support for these modifications is available from the person or company who created it not from 68 Classifieds.

Is it important to rate listings that I have used?

Yes it is very important to rate listings. This way it makes it easy to find listings that are of high quality and helps others in finding the perfect thing for their site.

If I hire a professional how much should I expect to pay?

The prices charged are set by each professional. You would need to contact them to get this information.

I have created a template or modification. Can I list it here?

Yes you can list it here. Before you list it you must agree to our Terms & Conditions and send us a copy of the files for testing.

Who designed this site?

This site came from a purchased template at ThemeForest.net and converted to a 68 Classifieds template.