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Phone Support for 68 Classifieds
Have you ever wanted to be able to actually talk to someone on the phone about 68 Classifieds? Ask questions or troubleshoot an issue that you are having? Ask an expert about 68 Classifieds for advice on how to do things, how things work, provide viable options catered to your particular project?

Now you can! Mike-N-Tosh™ is now offering Phone Support for 68 Classifieds. (US* English speakingcustomers only!)

Over 15 years of Web design and web development
Over 15 years of successful business management
Over 20 years of customer service related businesses
Over 5 years of Technical Support Management in a call center for a major manufacturer of Computers, Consumer products and software
Over 4 years working with 68 Classifieds (versions 3.1.x and up)
Involved with several start up businesses for others and myself including incorporation

How it works:
Your $40.00 pre-paid phone support initiates a one time phone call from me to you at a predetermined date and time. It includes up to 60 minutes of phone time. You can ask any questions that you would like regarding 68 Classifieds or any of the other areas of your online business.

This support is UNOFFICIAL. I am not an employee of 68 Classifieds. I can not resolve or access any official 68 Classifieds business assets such as sales information, hosted services or downloads for your account with 68 Classifieds.

*Note - This service is generally available to US customers only and in English only. Exceptions may be made with pre-approval only.


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