Questions Module

The Questions Module for 68 Classifieds lets your logged in visitors post a question within the full listing page (e.g. view listing(2).tpl) to the owner of the listing. This module displays all of the questions asked (most recent first) within the listings page and the answer provided by the owner of the listing.

· Admin limit for number of questions shown in the listing page
· Admin can set to manually approve questions before they are displayed publicly
· Admin email for new questions waiting for approval
· Admin setting for sending email to the owner when a new question has been approved
· Inline posting of a new question within the listing page with no page refresh needed
· Inline posting of answers within both the userindex and the listing page no refresh needed
· Inline Admin settings and approval/deleting of questions with no refresh needed
· Auto filtering of posted questions to thwart potential scripting attacks
· Up to 255 characters per questions and answer
· Auto maintenance, all questions are deleted when a listing is deleted (expired or manually)
· Full database table indexing to ensure rapid queries and output

68 Classifieds version 4.2.x and later
Javascript enabled
php version 5.x or later


Questions with logged in user Questions with not logged in user Questions with no questions Administration Userindex List of questions not answered user index answer question

This is a commercial product and has to abide by our Terms and Conditions. This modification has been tested by a member of the 68 Classifieds to ensure it works as expected. Please be sure and leave a review so other users know if you liked this or not.

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