Virtual Tour Module including Google Map

This is a very usefull module that integrates with 68c (v4, including v4.1). The main features are:
- display google map - one map for one listing using automatic creation of Latitude and Longitude
- display panorama 360° for each listing - great feature for home classifieds
- Additional field that will make any listing alive (like eBay), it uses Tiny MCE - all easy to write withouth html knowledge.
- lots of extra fields (3 for google map, 7 for virtual tour) - very helpful if you want to add something to the listing

Admin can allow/disallow one of 3 parts:
- google map
- panorama
- additional description

Module has admin area that you set up if a part is allowed or not (you can sort them in many ways), all the other data is written like normal listing (for the admin and users).

If you are interested in the module, please PM me with your paypal account and I will make you an invoice. I also need your mail to mail you the files. Support via forum or in urgent matters via mail. I alsways answer mails. If you want to contact me via mail, please go to: and write me a mail.

I wrote this module for myself, however I cannot guarantee that it will work with 68c forever. One thing is great about the module - I tried to make it as independent from 68c changes as possible.


This is a commercial product and has to abide by our Terms and Conditions. This modification has been tested by a member of the 68 Classifieds to ensure it works as expected. Please be sure and leave a review so other users know if you liked this or not.

User Reviews (1)

  • ponytrader | Feb 27, 2009 at 03:00 PM | Rating:

    How can i contact you about this mod?