68 Classifieds Modifications

Snail Mail Module


This module will send an e-mail based on a custom template to the ad placer notifying them of ad placement. You customize the e-mail to include instructions for sending payment by snail mail etc.   More Details

Authorize Free Ads


The Authorize Free Ads module is perfect for sites that offer both paid and free ads but dont want to have to authorize every ad. This module allows you to set your site so that ads do not require admin approval so that paid ads will be immediatly visible and set free ads to require authorization.   More Details

Category Tree Module

This module will replace step 1 of the checkout process with an expandable tree for category selection.   More Details


The Prices Module will allow your potential sellers to easily view a Price List of all of your available Listing Packages. Regular Price: $14.95   More Details

Event Calendar Module

This module build a dynamic calendar populated with ads from your site. Perfect for sites that cater to events.   More Details