68 Classifieds Modules

Custom Viewlisting Module

The Custom Viewlisting Module allows you to create custom viewlisting templates and assign them to a category in your 68 Classifieds website.   More Details

mod68ads: A Joomla!-Module for showing ads from 68C Classifieds

mod68ads is a Joomla!-Module to display ads from the software 68C Classifieds on any module position. It has many setting parameters which allow you to define which ads should be displayed inside your Joomla! driven website.   More Details

Gallery View

The Gallery View Module appears in all showlisting pages. By default, the normal list view is shown. The user can click on the Gallery View to see the Gallery view. The Gallery view is a picture oriented showing of your listings, similar to the Featured ad listings, but prettier. No refresh needed.   More Details

Postal Codes

The Postal Codes Module allows your end users to search listings within a radius of their inputed postal code.   More Details

Snail Mail Module


This module will send an e-mail based on a custom template to the ad placer notifying them of ad placement. You customize the e-mail to include instructions for sending payment by snail mail etc.   More Details