Gallery View

The Gallery View Module appears in all showlisting pages. This will give you two tabs, one for the List view (default) and another for the Gallery view. When a visitor selects the Gallery view, the page will then show your listings in a similar fashion to the Featured listings plugin (as used in the default template home page), however with CSS styling. Each listing is contained within an outlined box and will show the title, thumbnail image and price. This will also maintain any "Featured, Highlighted" upgrades for the listing, however all text is bold.

The List view is set to use your previously chosen search results view from the administration. If the "Short Description" search results view was chosen, this list view is identical to the original except without the white lines that are in the normal short description display.

This module is incompatible with the Custom Cats Module.
This is NOT compatible with v5.x


Gallery View Short description view

This is a commercial product and has to abide by our Terms and Conditions. This modification has been tested by a member of the 68 Classifieds to ensure it works as expected. Please be sure and leave a review so other users know if you liked this or not.

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